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Stingless BEES

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Stingless bee facts

The highly social honey bees and stingless bees build complex nests for protection to rear their young and to store their food.

Stingless bees defend themselves by constructing a strong nest wall and entrance tube, and with guard bees that bite and daub resin on their intrders.

Perfect for the environment

Keeping native stingless bees is a hot topic in Australia for commercial, environmental and recreational reasons. You can do something about the decline of pollinators by conserving native bees.

Stingless bees as pets

As pets go, stingless bees have many benefits and few downsides.

There are no stings attached. They do not produce any venom, and are incapable of causing any serious allergies. In fact, they are entirely harmless, making them perfect as an educational resource in kindergartens and schools.

The Best Experience Ever

Native bees can change the world. They are a magnet that brings individuals, families, schools and communites together in a different way. They are a non -intimidating member of the ecosystem that fascinates and motivates interest in the operating instructions of our planet.
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